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Note: This game is built for the Oculus Quest and should be installed with SideQuest. Full single player campaign, no multiplayer. 

VR Platforming Game, that gives you the freedom to move across the environment with superhuman abilities. Conquer over 35 levels with new obstacles and challenges. Compete for the fastest times or explore the environment. Experience the freedom of movement.

“TO THE TOP is still one of the most singularly fun experiences I’ve ever had inside my VR headset”
9/10 – UploadVR

“9/10 Making the leap onto your must-play list “

-Official PlayStation Magazine


Our core motivation for creating TO THE TOP was to create a movement mechanic that is simple to use, takes advantages of VR input, and feels very comfortable to play. We spent a year testing and tuning this system, until it felt like a movement system that was not only fun to use but also opened the door to create brand new gameplay that has not been seen in platforming games before.

  • Climb - Grab with one hand at a time, to move across surfaces, up over or around. You can climb 360 around objects.
  • Leap - Grab on with both hands, look at where you want to go and release to leap. Perform consecutive leaps to build up speed and power.
  • Air Control - While leaping through the air, you can control your fall with the direction you are looking.
  • Skate - Green surfaces can be skated on. Grab them, point in the direction you want to go and skate across the surface.
  • Fly - Equipped with Jet Hands, you can fly through the sky.
  • And more …

Inspired by classic platforming games like the Super Mario series, we wanted to distill what made the genre so great and bring these concepts back in a brand new way. With this in mind we were able to bring a new level of skill, challenge, and discovery to VR. So you can come back again and again in the pursuit of bettering your skills and master the game.

  • Easy to Pick Up - Controls are easy to use and do not require many buttons or gestures. New or hardcore gamers can easily jump into TO THE TOP.
  • Hard to Master - To earn the best times and collect all of the items. You need to master all of the movement mechanics to pounce though the levels like a robotic cheetah.
  • Learn the Environment - Each level can be traversed not only horizontally but vertically as well. It is important to learn these layouts and figure out the best paths through the levels.  
  • Challenging Obstacles - Each new level brings a new challenging obstacle to overcome ranging from Wall Runs to a giant moving robot you need to climb.
  • Hidden Areas - Discover hidden paths in each level to earn a Medal.

TO THE TOP is the start of something great and we wanted to make sure players had a complete package of a game with hours of content to discover

  • 35 Levels to Play - Each level brings new challenges and environments to discover.
  • Over 30 Customizable Options to Unlock - Customize your robot ranging from hands, torso, and head.
  • 3 Time Goals to Conquer Per Level - Each level has multiple time goals that range in difficulty.
  • 2 Collectable Goals Per Level - Take your time and explore each level to discover Geoms to collect and a Hidden Medal.

TO THE TOP was made in Austin, TX and we were inspired by the local music that is a part of our scene. We are fortunate to have their music on the TO THE TOP soundtrack. So make sure to play with headphones on and turn it all the way up!

Musical Artists

  • Capyac
  • Mirror Mask
  • Night Drive
  • Slooom
  • Sip Sip

TO THE TOP is an independent project created by Electric Hat Games LLC

Development log


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I played this shortly after release on Quest 1 and just upgraded to a Quest 3, guess I missed the whole App Lab migration. Is there somewhere specific to go to get an App Lab or Steam code?

Hi, i got myself a Quest again, but there is no more download of this game. I Loves it when playing on the OG Quest. If i click on redeem Oculus code, there are none available :( How can i get the AppLab code?

Hiya :) I bought this game back before AppLab and haven't played it since, but there is no oculus key on my itch page so I have no way to redeem my purchase. How do I go about getting my key?

Hi, I was wondering if the game is still available here in itch since I dont use an oculus quest or a pico vr headset, I wanted to sideload it to my vr headset after buying it but I cant use the applab version..... I hope to play this game at some point in the near future since it looks awesome ^^

my oculus key doesnt work. what can be done about this?

i wanted to come back to this game and play it on PC VR, but when i try to redeem the oculus code it doesnt work... is there any chance i can get a replacement?

I recently downloaded the game off app lab and noticed every time I tried enabling the performance option for 90hz it would just switch itself off so I tried reinstalling the game and now it won't start and the quest gives a notification that the install failed. What is going on and how can I fix this?

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iv been given activation key on the itch site , but there’s no tap on applab to use it to download the game … Any options ?

Still have not a code in download page. I guess I will have to wait a little while more.

Hi Dan,

Is it possible to use my save game from the game installed with sidequest with the applab version?


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I found myself the answer : with sidequest file browser

- Save PlayerData.dat and PlayerStats.dat from sdcard/Android/data/com.electrichatgames.tothetop/files (to the top is without _al)

- go to sdcard/Android/data/com.electrichatgames.tothetop_al/files/cloud/data/

- drag and drop the previous saved files in this folder.

It worked for me!

So yeah....
I got an email saying I could find a key on here, but....

Best Quest game ever! The Mario Bros of the Quest. It should have been on official store from the start. Please add new levels, DLC or make a V2!

will the key permanently replace the direct download?

I cannot find my AppLab key on the download store. Can you provide one?

Please send me AppLab key as I bought the game long ago. Thank you.

Great News! Still don't get why Oculus rejected you from the store....


Woot! App Lab is approved!

Keep an eye on the itch listing, should have keys incoming for folks who already bought the game here!


awesome, will I receive it by mail?


Alright, keys should start becoming available, check the "Download" page

Awesome news thank you so much!

Hey guys, I absolutely LOVE to the top on steam, genuinely one of my favorite VR games. I would like to play it on my Quest, but would like the automatic updates and whatnot that would come with it being an official app. Is there an App Lab version in progress or being released soon?

Loving this more and more I play it and dream about it. Was gonna get the climb 1 n 2 but so glad  went for this

Great game. Cept when I get stuck on the cheesy nodes and my tracking trust's me off coarse either that or my technique is flawed! I'm hoping the latter!  Still hooked!

hi id love to get but im only able to instal apks through my android phone asi cant open zip files. can you offer me a link to the apk to purchase?

The raw .apk isn't available because of the way the file is uploaded to itch.  However, it looks like there is a way to unzip .zip files on Android:

i already bought it here, but its not going to my downloads/headset. someone help!

you should be able to just download it via SideQuest - when you go to the 'buy' button it should open a browser window with itch that you can use to sign in and select download - from there SideQuest should ask you if you want to install, just hit yes.

if that path isn't working, you can download the .zip from itch, unzip it (you'll see a TOTHETOP.apk inside),  then drag that .apk file into the SideQuest window and it should install.

Best game among all games I have ever played (not only VR, but also PC). I am really addicted and the music soundtrack is outstanding.

i am also having the same problem as everyone else. The game played fine once or twice, but now it gets stuck at 50%. Please advise.

I think it's fixed, try the latest build


je viens d'acheter votre jeu mais bloque lors du chargement à 50 % que dois je faire ?

Désolé, je ne parle pas français, donc j'utilise Google Traduction!

La dernière version devrait être corrigée, faites-moi savoir si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes.


Hello. I know things are hard for you right now in texas but i was wondering if you could put up a previous working version of the game for the time being until you get the loading screen bug fixed. Thank you.

The bug actually started happening when I created the App Lab version - so it has something to do with the app trying to call back to the Oculus backend and something failing there - so even the very first version would still see the problem.  The tricky part is that I don't have an account where the bug reproduces, so I've been having trouble finding out what exactly is causing the problem.  I've poked at the login sequence a couple of times to short circuit it (so it's not calling back to the Oculus backend), but apparently that's not working.

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should I wait after you fix the bug, or can I buy it now?, will it work?
I was hoping to buy the game now on itch.io while it's still $15, because, when it releases on APP Lab later, it probably will cost more

ah ok. I understand. Please, no pressure finishing it. Take your time, thank you

I think I've got it fixed finally - try the latest build

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Same here.

I just thought of something - are your Oculus accounts tied to Facebook accounts?

Is that not obvious with Quest 2?

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Ok, drop into our discord at https://discord.gg/UQAQYjUk and DM me (CerebralFrost) - Itch doesn't seem to have a way to direct message.

Ok, should be fixed now - give the latest build a go


HELP - I need a dev to advise. 

I purchased this here on Itch after being redirected from SideQuest. I'm running it on Oculus Quest 2. The loading screen freezes at exactly 50%. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it three separate times with the exact same results I made sure to allow permissions. This is the only game I have this problem with. Can someone point me in the right direction for how to fix this?

Yup, known issue, I'm working on a fix, but we're in Austin, TX - which is not a great place to be right about now.... :P

Ok, should be fixed - download the latest and let me know

Downloaded this one but still same issue... Spinning at 50% ;-(

Dang it - ok, I'm still only on partial power here (running the generator on and off - still no power for a lot of us in central Texas).  When I get some more hours to dedicate I'll get to looking again.

Well, I did find a small error that could potentially cause an issue on startup, but I was unable to reproduce the issue.  I did make a change and upload a new build, so give that a try, if it's still not working for you send me a DM.

I'm still having this issue. Which version is the fixed version

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It should be version 4 (the latest version - if you download from the release channel, that's the one you should get).

I'm having trouble reproducing the issue (i.e. it's working on my end, and I don't know why it's not working for others yet), and we've been having power issues (I'm in Austin, TX).  But, I'll keep digging until I figure it out.

Did you fix it yet ?

I am also having the same issue. Just downloaded it today  and loaded from my MAC onto my Quest 2 via Sidequest. 

Let me know if I need to provide you any additional info

I believe this issue is now resolved - try the latest build (Version 6)

Hi, is there a way to get this game through Oculus new App Lab without having to buy it again? Thank you :)

That's something that I'm looking at - I'm not sure how to make it happen yet, but I'll definitely post here and in the SideQuest community when I have something.

Thank you. I first  got your game on PSVR and later Quest and I really enjoy it, no matter the device.

Hope your applab certification runs smoothly and successfully.

The game is not saving my progress on Quest 2. When launching it always starts with the tutorial. Please help!!

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When you first start the game, it should prompt you for permission to write to the device, if the app doesn't have permission it can't write the saves.

The easy way:
Uninstall and reinstall the app - it should ask for permissions again when it tries to write the save file the first time.

The convoluted way:
Sideload a "settings" app to give you more access to settings to allow you to toggle permissions for sideloaded apps:

Does this game have 90hz mode for quest 2?

It does now - latest build should have a "Graphics" option in the options panel, turning on "performance" will enable 90hz for Quest 2


i downloaded and installed the apk via sidequest but don't see the game on my quest 2. What am I missing here?

You have to run it from "Unknown Sources" on the quest 2 - it's a bit hidden away, here's a video on how to get to it

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thank you! I swear I already checked there but apparently not.

How do you use the "jet hands" says you can fly..??

there's a level called "Fly" where you fly around, you can't fly in any of the other levels

Thank You!


HI ! Great game, born to be on the Oculus quest with liberty of movements :)
I'm not a huge fan of the music, so I disabled it and... It's quite I like that ;-)
Just a question, do you know how can I exit the level ? In order to switch level without quit the all game. Thanks !


Will you make a To the top 2? Or new levels?

This by far my most played and favorite VR game ever. A billion times better than the climb or AAA VR games. The best VR gameplay.


I played through this game on the vive when it was released the first time. It is one of the best experiences in VR in my opinion. Facebook /Oculus  is consistent in putting garbage on their platform and denying great experiences. I am not sure what is up over there. Some of the worst rated games may be a way of being pc. I have not yet played this on the quest but, when I saw that it was available, I bought it just to support the dev. Facebook seemingly hires people to test that are not into vr. 

This is for me the BEST oculus quest game. Far away fom any other one. Perfect gameplay and it lasts very long.

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You can disable Grip and Stick turning in the options on your arm. I turned them both off immediately and just turn my body manually.

Deleted 4 years ago

5/5 This game is amazing in how much you would think this is how a Nintendo made platformer might feel for the first time in VR. They have nailed so many aspects of doing platforming in VR to make it fun it's really incredible given how early we are into this medium of gaming. The fact the levels can be unlocked either by completing other levels faster or exploring for hidden items is a great way to give players options in ways to experience the amazing gameplay and levels. 

If ideas like American Ninja Warrior or Mario are something that interest you then this is an obvious game to give a try. The levels do seem very simple at first but having just unlocked the Medium levels I can say the amount of complex gimmicks you have to keep up with as you platform continues to go up to make it both a mental and dexterity challenge very quickly. Highly recommend!

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